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Classy & chic

The Cabrio Cape is a new product from Germany, designed to stop the wind from a cabriolet car giving its users a sore neck.

I produced a few variations of the logos to show the client as a proposal. The client loved my idea of the logo being in the shape of a car, and expressed their desire for the logo to be reasonably simple and bold, as it was to be stitched or embossed into leather and other textiles.

Developing the mark

I produced a bold, simple mark following their directions for the logo to be ‘chic and clean’, and followed their advice to stick to one colour for the design. After a few tweaks and adjustments, we were left with the final logo which I am very proud of, it’s clean and modern and instantly recognisable.


Lessons learned

Although the client really liked the idea and concept, they chose to go down a slightly different route and selected another designer to produce their final logo. I had a great time designing this project, and really learned a lot about spacing and thinking outside of the box in terms of design concepts.