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Get drawing

Late last year I was approached by Low Carbon Lymm to come up with a few branding concepts for their Community Energy division.

They were very excited about illustration and eye-catching designs, which was very exciting to me as they gave me free rein over the visual concepts. I got to exercise some of my illustration chops which had been dormant for a while, and managed to pull off some designs which I am very proud of.


The brand

Lymm Community Energy wanted two things from me – branding concepts in the form of logo designs, and then a sample document which demonstrated the practical applications of the branding. First I approached the logo as I wanted the whole brand to hinge around it, and submitted a few variations which were eventually whittled down to the leaf logo.



After the logo was cemented, I approached the document. At first, I was quite conservative and focused on nicely formatting the text and putting everything in nice little boxes. On speaking to the client, I realised that this was the wrong way to go – LCE wanted big, bold, eye-catching. So I altered my approach, pulled out my old illustrating books and set to work.


I decided to design two different documents to show the flexibility of the brand, and give LCE some options when they were deciding which direction to go in. These were an absolute blast to create, and tying the brand together through the page design was rewarding as it meant the logo was strong enough to work.


Unfortunately after this exercise, Lymm Community Energy decided they wanted to take their branding in a different direction and hired someone else, however I’m really grateful for the opportunity to work on their project, and I think the tight deadlines pushed me to create some of my best works to date.

Snap ’em up

Like these illustrations? They’re for sale, you can shoot me a message if you’re interested!