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The beautiful game…

The guys at Square Eye Games make simple games, and they make them look great and addictive to play. They care about their users, they care about their brand and they care about attention to detail. All in all, they’re a pretty awesome little outfit.

And just like every awesome company, Square Eye Games needed an awesome website to match. Delighted to be working with them, I knocked up a couple of concepts and we worked out a very simple yet elegant website that would show off their games, whilst being open to further customisation in the future.


Focus & user experience

I made sure to focus on the responsive side of the website as I knew that being a mobile games developer, the chances of their website being viewed from a mobile phone or tablet were higher than average, and we wanted the site to look great and provide a slick experience for all their users. We also worked on a couple of cool animations to give the site some life and energy.


Wrapping up

In the end, the project came together really quickly and Dan and Alex from Square Eye were very happy with the results. You can check out the website at, and make sure to check out their games – Zombie Wipe Out in particular drove me insane, it was so addictive!