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Jake is a young racer from the UK who got in touch with me to talk about sponsoring his racing efforts.

Whilst I couldn’t sponsor him financially, I could help him out by helping him develop a brand to increase his presence on social media. Working fast over a few evenings, we worked to build him a light, flexible brand which embodied some of his favourite images and memories of motorsport.



A brand from a different angle

The way I approached this project was very different to how I’ve approached branding projects in the past. Jake didn’t need all the bells and whistles, he needed a simple, practical brand that he could use himself without needing much knowledge of design. I crafted an icon from his initials which worked at any angle, even upside-down. Once that was done, I built outwards, using the icon to create patterns which Jake can use on his Instagram stories and posts. The font was selected due to being almost identical to one of Instagram’s story fonts – enabling Jake to easily create updates which would always be on-brand.