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“Music chooses you.”

Underdogs was created over the winter of 2013/2014. Having long been a member of the Liverpool music scene, and having met many passionate, determined and interesting people over the years, I began working on an idea to create a film based on and featuring the musicians of the city.

Telling the story

Underdogs is a multimedia project which focuses on underground, unsigned musicians Liverpool. Through the film and accompanying book, we see their music through their eyes: their passion, their ambitions and their stories.


In a world which consumes more bubblegum, throwaway music than ever before, it is refreshing to discover that away from the charts and talent shows, people are still creating raw and honest music with their own blood, sweat and tears. Join us as we journey into the world of underground musicians – a world littered with industry pressure, broken promises, sleepless nights and little recognition – but a world that also creates some of the most passionate and inspiring people you could hope to meet.

Welcome to the world of the unrecognised, the un-rewarded, the poetic, the challengers, the ones who dare to go against the grain. Welcome to the world of the Underdogs.


Originally planned as a short 5-minute documentary, the film quickly took on a life of its own and grew to a 20-minute multimedia project, including a complimentary book, posters and merchandise. It was a true labour of love, and would have probably continued to grow had it not been for timeframe constraints which required the film to be completed by February 2014.

Check out the official film website at for links to the film, book and more.